Each brow is customized based on our clients needs. Our commitment to fine details…

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Permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement helps to enhance the appearance of the eyes.

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It is a non-invasive, non-laser method which uses needles TR88 that hoovers…

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No need to wait on the phone. Our simple online booking system enables you to choose the time that works for you.

About us

We specialize in creating the most hyper-realistic looking brows. Our company also provides cosmetic tattooing to the eyes, lips as well as tattoo removal.Microblading is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of the hair you currently have.

People suffering from alopecia, or had side effects of hair loss through chemo will benefit greatly from microblading, as well as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows.

Microblading not for you? Don’t worry, we offer other styles of brow design.

Microblading guidance and support is available if you would like to upgrade your skill level. Please email info@loungedebeaute.com for pricing and details.

Before & After


  • 5 star review  Kim is amazing!! She will work with you to achieve the look you want and makes sure you are 100% happy. Everything she does is a work of art - I will forever tell everyone if you want to get microblading done, Lounge de Beauté is the ONLY place to go!!! ���

    thumb Larissa Kroeker

    5 star review  Kim is amazing! I am a perfectionist so finding someone I liked and trusted was hard but I am so glad that I stumbled upon Kim because I think she is even more of a perfectionist than I am. Because her style is fine strokes, everyone has commented that my healed eyebrows look extremely natural (which is exactly what I wanted!). Kim is honest and blunt which is what you need from your stylist 🙂 If you are even debating getting your eyebrows done I'd contact Kim because her customer service is incredible.Thanks again Kim! <3

    thumb Ewelinka Smusz
  • 5 star review  I heard about Kim from my sister in law who had just got her brows done. I've never tattooed my brows before because I didn't like the unnatural look I saw on most people. However my sister in laws brows were amazing. So I made an appointment but was very nervous and apprehensive. I was terrified of the pain. Kim made me feel very comfortable and talked me through it the whole time. She took her time to make sure I got the exact shape I wanted. I am very happy with her work and thankful that it doesn't look unnatural like how I've seen on other people. The only regret I have is not going to Kim sooner.

    thumb Tia Tran

    5 star review  I just had my brows done by Kim. Holy moly I am LOVING them. The whole experience was amazing. Kim was super friendly, professional and very detail-oriented. During the treatment, she explained it very well of what I can expect the outcome according to my skin type (very oily). She took her time to outline my brows and found a shape that complements my face (I have a mole on my brow so it is quite tricky). Her experience and skill definitely speak for itself. I did my research before this and I am soo glad that I decided to go with Lounge de Beaute. Oh, Kim also addressed my concerns even Before I was her client! If you were thinking to get your brows done Beautifully, Kim is your person. Thank you so much Kim 🙂

    thumb Sara Yu
  • 5 star review  Having my brows done by Lounge de Beaute was all it takes to make it perfect! I love everything about my brows now.. Kim made me feel so comfortable and fabulous all throughout the procedure.. �� Fantabulous! ❤️

    thumb Zith Yap

    5 star review  I love my brows, I finally have brows now! She has an amazing hand, works like a magic wand.

    thumb Mhai Azerra
  • 5 star review  Such beautiful work! And so natural too. Kim definitely makes her clients feel at ease before starting the procedure and she takes her time to make each individual stroke perfect! Will highly recommend.

    thumb Mina Hoang

    5 star review  Words cannot explain how much I love my brows!! Kim did an amazing job, from prepping the outline of the brows to the actual procedure. She made sure my wants were met and that I left happy with my new brows. She made the whole experience pleasurable ensuring that I was comfortable the entire time. Thank you again Kim!!!

    thumb Kimberly Sun
  • 5 star review  Look no further if you want your brows done the right way, the first time. I was initially nervous about getting microblading done but Kim was awesome. She was patient, gentle, precise, and really cares about her client's needs. There was some pain associated to the procedure but it was short lived and once the numbing cream was applied, the rest of the procedure was a piece of cake. The result was amazing and since then I can't stop staring at my new, shapely brows. It brings a big smile to my face. Definitely something I would do again and will travel the distance to see Little Kim for.

    thumb Gloria Wong

    5 star review  I was a little nervous to get my brows microbladed but Kim made the whole process so easy and as relaxing as it could be! She was a professional the whole time and very thorough. I love my new brows! I highly recommend her!

    thumb Anna Jung
  • 5 star review  From the moment I walked into her place, she made me feel super comfortable! Kim has such a relaxed, upbeat personality, that even though it was my first time meeting her, it felt like hanging with a girlfriend as opposed to getting a procedure done. I got my brows and lips done, and was more worried about the pain (I have next to no pain tolerance). But she was extremely patient with me, and always put my comfort level first. She gave an honest opinion on what will look good for your face structure, all the while taking into account the look you're going for. She is excellent at what she does, a perfectionist! And you definitely want that quality in someone who is tattooing your face lol! I am so in love with my look, and will continue to see Kim for my microblading needs! It has cut my make up routine in half! I will be recommending her to everyone I know.

    thumb Kristine McIvor

    5 star review  Got my eyebrows microbladed by Kim and hands down best experience ever!! Not only is she professional but a perfectionist as well when it comes to eyebrows. She made me feel so comfortable right from the very start. Even before booking, she was able to answer all my needs and concerns and responds so quickly. During the procedure, she took her time and will do whatever it takes (even if it meant using up a whole pencil on my brows �) making sure i am 110% happy with the shape before proceeding. After the first session, my brows have healed nicely and has made a huge difference on how much time i spend on my eyebrows. I can now wake up and go. Thanks Kim for giving me beautiful and fuller brows!! �

    thumb Cynthia Vong
  • 5 star review  Kim did an amazing job on my brows !!!!. She takes her time to explain the procedure, advise you the best shape and color that would suit your face structure, is also willing to receive feedback on any changes you wish to make before microblading your eyebrows. I found her to be very passionate about her work and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their eyebrows done. Thank you Kim for giving me an awesome experience.�

    thumb Rita Yang

    5 star review  Kim is amazing!! After searching for months for an artist, I came across her Bisness, I went through her portfolio, I knew this had to be the lady to do my brows. She is honestly better then what I expected!! I was so impressed by her perfection to have my brows perfect!! 100% recommend this lovey lady!!! Thanks again your awesome!!!

    thumb Star Harrison-Dowling
  • 5 star review  Absolutely professional in all aspects of her career. I come from a family of alopecia. I've gone the past 15yrs with zero eyebrows at all! Was embarrassed everyday to have to draw them on with an eyeliner pencil. I've never shaved my eyebrows nothing. It was bare skin where my eyebrows were suppose to be. But thankfully Kim was absolutely amazing to me. And I now have fresh eyebrows!!! Eyebrows that I haven't had for over ten years now!!! I'm so pleased with Kim's work. She is amazing at what she does. Very professional and her studio is just beautiful, calming and relaxing. I would recommend her to everyone

    thumb Deborah Johnson

    5 star review  Had the best experience at Lounge de Beauté! Kim is very friendly, professional and amazing at what she does. I found out about her through a customer of mine who had actually gotten a touch-up done by her recently. So I did some research and was instantly amazed at the work she has done. I havent let anyone else do my eyebrows for at least 7 years, so I was kind of nervous for my appointment. But, Kim was very patient and made me feel super comfortable every step of the way. She even let me map out how I like to fill in my eyebrows and made sure I was 100% satisfied during the whole consultation and procedure. The results are fantastic and natural looking (that even my family hasn't noticed lol). So for someone thats been doing her eyebrows everyday for the last 5 years, going to Kim for microblading is very worth it. Thank you for making my brows look even and super natural! I cant wait for them to be fully healed & get a touch-up �

    thumb Christina Nhoi
  • 5 star review  Kim is AMAZING! highly recommend her for microblading.

    thumb Jieun Segal

    4 star review  I found Kim on IG randomly myself and saw that she worked with Phibrows so I followed her for a bit and kept watching her work. Finally I decided to just go and do it! A bit far for me but I wanted to go to a good artist so I was like fuck it! Her place and set up is soooo cute and comfy. She is super nice and outgoing. Very accomodating. Liking my new brows!

    thumb Barbara T
  • 5 star review  She's incredibly professional..a very skilled person..i was really amazed of what she does to my eyebrows...it's 100%worth it experience ever...with Kim you're in good hands.....thank you so much for doing the great job... cheers to your success!!!

    thumb Jennifer Arias

    5 star review  Kim did an amazing job on mine and my sisters brows. I really liked the detail in her work and the fact that she took her time until I was fully satisfied with the style. I definitely would recommend all my friends and family to have her do their brows too. Like lots of women, my brows are very light, and thanks to Kim. I am ecstatic with my new brows. Now I can swim without having to the terror of my brows washing away.

    thumb Rebecca Nguyen